Created to put your dream image in steel

We make indoor and outdoor decorative screens, security and baboon-proof gates, lamps and wall lights using steel.
Themes can be adapted from our existing portfolio or can be new designs inspired by nature motifs, your photos, pets, children’s drawings and art, your favourite artist or favourite artefacts. Virtually anything can be turned into steel!
The final product is the result of a close creative collaboration between the client and Caroline to produce a functional, personalised and uplifting art work that will provide security and enduring aesthetic pleasure!

About Our Studio

Caroline studied fine art at the University of Cape Town. During this period she developed a keen interest in visual theatre. After completion of her studies she worked as a designer and performer in theatres in both South Africa and the United Kingdom (UK).
In 1991 she established Moving Hands Theatre where she designed and produced (Arts Council of England funded) collaborative projects with leading UK theatres such as The Birmingham Repertory and the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith.
In designing her contemporary gates Caroline employs theatrical techniques and qualities, such as elements of collaboration, storytelling and a touch of the dramatic.

Our Process

The process of conceptualising, designing and manufacturing your artwork is an interactive and collaborative process between the client, the artist and artisan. This is necessary in order to successfully translate the initial imagery of what the client envisages into a piece of art.





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