Africa Burn 2018
DELIVERANCE: A work-in-progress

The 1st part of an elephant’s story; born, raised, hunted and killed in Zimbabwe… bringing it back to life, honouring it, setting it’s spirit free, allowing it to find peace & return home. This project is a growing collective of artists, artisans, puppeteers, volunteers & engineers, shamans, directors & fundraisers on a journey to bring this magnificent beast back to life… culminating in it’s final journey at a following burn. It is a collaboration, all about having fun & exceeding our wildest expectations!
Dream project preceded by an amazing road trip to the Tankwa Karoo, Addo Elephant Park and the Knysna Elephant Sanctuary to see elephants in the wild and up close…
We are currently fundraising for next year’s “Deliverance” a 3D walking Elephant and a steel constructed Vulture for Africa Burn 2019.

Bromford Housing Project UK

I worked with Claire from Claire Cotterill Mosaics in Birmingham UK over a period of 6 months to create artworks celebrating local heritage as part of a new property development project in Stourport-upon-Severn, Worcestershire.
The panels are constructed using aluminium and dibond, the vertical panels being nearly 9m high and horisontals stretching over 6m.
My role was assisting in conceptualising and working on designs combining the metal work with mosaic and printed backdrops, Claire being Lead Artist and responsible for the final artwork.

Using ideas from the local church and school, we developed ideas for a river with a black and white backdrop.

Recycling Projects

We use the off-cuts to make gates, wall art, balustrades and other artwork. We also run workshops where students make use the off-cuts and other materials to make their own creations.

Our services include

Custom Individualised Client-focused Artwork

Structural Design, Fittings & Security

Hot-dipped Galvanising and Powder Coating

Test Fitting, Delivery and Final Installation

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Our Process

Ensuring your Metal Artwork fits you perfectly

The process of conceptualising, designing and manufacturing your artwork is an interactive and collaborative process between the client, the artist and artisan. This is necessary in order to successfully translate the initial imagery of what the client envisages into a piece of art.
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