Our Process

Ensuring your Metal Artwork fits you perfectly

The process of conceptualising, designing and manufacturing your artwork is an interactive and collaborative process between the client, the artist and artisan. This is necessary in order to successfully translate the initial imagery of what the client envisages into a piece of art.


  1. Initial meeting. Discussion centres around client’s needs regarding the art piece/gate and the where the artwork will be installed, ensuring that it resonates with the aesthetics and mood of the location. A quotation is submitted to the client and once the quote is accepted a 25% deposit is payable.
  2. The artisan responsible for the manufacturing and installation takes measurements and discusses structural features (e.g.swing or sliding gate, type of locks, hinges etc.)
  3. Caroline submits a rough conceptual design for the client’s consideration and approval. This collaborative process may have a few steps.
  4. Once the client approves the final design a further payment of 50% of quoted price is required in order to commence production.
  5. The art plate is cut from (4 or 5mm) mild steel (or aluminium).
  6. The art plate is cleaned, the edges are smoothed and it is attached to a square tubing box frame.
  7. The framed gate will usually require a test fitting.
  8. The gate is sent for hot dipped galvanising in order to protect it from rusting.
  9. The galvanised gate is cleaned. Special care is taken not to disturb the galvanised surfaces and to avoid exposing the raw steel.
  10. The final product undergoes a process of epoxy powder coating in a colour of client’s choice.
  11. The art work/gate is installed.
  12. Once the client is satisfied the payment of the outstanding balance is required.

Our services include

Custom Individualised Client-focused Artwork

Structural Design, Fittings & Security

Hot-dipped Galvanising and Powder Coating

Test Fitting, Delivery and Final Installation

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