Mask Gate

Gate inspired by archaeologist Mike De Wit’s mask collection that he gathered during his travels in Africa.

“Stunning! The more examples I see of Caroline’s work, the more I want.” – Mike De Wit

Piet Grobler Illustration Gate

Maggie collects and reviews children’s books and is the director of the Rapunzel Children’s Book Company. Her gate is inspired by drawings of the renowned children’s book illustrator Piet Grobler.

“So happy I met you, Caroline! And so very happy with my beautiful gate. Thank you so, so much! Makes me smile every time I walk past it or arrive home. A brilliant job, and lovely working with you. Piet loves the gates!” – Magdel Voster


Aloe Gate

“I have received numerous compliments for these additions to my art collection, and the fact that these pieces are FUNCTIONAL, in an environment where baboon-proof fencing and gates are essential, makes it even more special. My gates are not perceived as “cages” holding intruders out, but as artworks that let nature into my house.” – Ali Croucamp

VinLab Gate

Vin Lab is a wine laboratory based in Stellenbosch in the Western Cape. Our brief was to use the icons from the company logo in the design, the gates needed to sit perfectly on top of each other when open and they had to tie in with the existing square grid of the windows.

“I just love the gates, not only are they beautiful, they add value to our business and make us feel safe. Moving Hands listened to our needs and made a gate that was more than that. Our gates tells the story of our business. Excellent and professional service, we could not ask for more!” – Hanneli Smit (Director of Vin Lab)

Heron Gate

“Caroline’s unique ability to blend a personal element into each gate, to reflect either your interest or something special from your environment, is mind-boggling. She seems to do it so naturally – to blend the material together with her design ability and lots of other super skills, comes together in an exquisite manner in her bold designs.
She made my gate to open an entrance into the forest, adjoining my property on the slopes of Tamboerskloof, incorporating many of the natural flora and fauna around me, including a cheeky heron and goldfish, which he catches early in the mornings.” – Joan Andrews

‘Dog is Love’ Gate

“I was one of the first lucky people to have a Caroline McDowell Original Gate in my home, in fact I have three! Each one is a unique and individual design reflecting my love for my favourite things – gardens, birds and dogs.” – Ali Croucamp

Carla Gate

Gate at Fynbos Enterprises in Pringle Bay. In memory of Carla.


Tree of Life Gate

“My security gate isn’t just a functional gate, it’s a customised piece of art. The vision was inspired by my love of nature, life, my celtic heritage and one of my favourite artists, Gustav Klimt. Caroline seamlessly pulled all these elements into one very personal design. Being part of the design process, every step of the way, gives such a sense of it being so personally unique. My gate feels like it belongs, it’s a very special part of my home. I’d describe it utterly as enchanting. The creative design casts magical shadows around the house in different lights, depending on the time of day. It’s simply stunningly beautiful to look at and I love how it changes in different lights, I couldn’t be more delighted with the end result.”
– Alison McDowell

Yoga Gate

Made for Estelle who is a keen practitioner of Yoga and a lover of trees. For this gate we used a mirror image in positive and negative.


Waves Gate & Fence


“We commissioned Caroline to create us a gate that would reflect the environment of our new beach house and add beauty to a cottage we love. We were looking more for dog proofing and privacy than security but didn’t have a very clear idea of what exactly we wanted, though we liked the idea of incorporating the sea. The finished product is truly beautiful, tying together the organic and the man-made and creating a bewitching way in to our own little piece of happiness.” – Simon and Gillian Jones

Moon Reflection Gate

“I love my gate, it is a good security barrier and does its job perfectly against intruders (both human and other primates like baboons in Pringle Bay), but I see it mostly an artwork because it is so beautiful. The process of designing it was interesting and fun, and Caroline really researched what I liked and combined it with the material and security needs in an optimal way. She asked me, for example, about what was important to me, and included a moon over water because I love the moon in all its incarnations, and feel a huge affinity for it. The design, which started out just as reeds and sunbirds became a complex picture with day and night, water and stars, frogs and reflections. It is just so much more than I originally envisaged, and I will take it with me wherever I go.” – Marianne Makay

Angel Gate

The Angel Gate was my very first gate and it was inspired by drawings by Zie (aged 5).


Wynand’s Things Gate

“Caroline succeeded brilliantly in capturing and integrating the eclecticism of the artefacts displayed in my house. The final product has significantly enhanced the artistic and aesthetic feel of my habitat…”
– Wynand Louw


Butterfly Gate

Inspired by the wrought iron Art Deco gate by Emile Robert (1900). Can also be made into a three part screen.

Wave Gate @ John the Potter’s

“Caroline has the uncanny ability to successfully translate the robustness of steel into soft, flowing, sensuous and often flamboyant pieces of art that reflect the essence of the dwelling, its inhabitants, interior and environment. Her gates keep on offering artistic delight!” – Louise Ellis

Ceramic Glazes Gate

Inspired by the beautiful reduction glaze patterns of John the Potter’s plates.


Reed Gate

Art Nouveau Inspired Gate

“Love my Moving Hands security gate! Beautiful and functional.” – Anneline Sweetnam

Aloe Gate @ No 60

Cheryl wanted a large exterior gate that included an aloe. The gate stood between two walls that housed my steel art plates, on one side a huge number 60 inspired by Cheryl and Mikes collection of African masks and on the other side, 3 large steel proteas. I set the aloe in a simple geometric shape and combined it with elements from the African inspired number 60.

“Luv Luv Luv my latest gate! Also Tommy has done a FABULOUS job so much care and pride in his work. Thank you. Thank you. We look forward to our next artwork!” – Cheryl De Wit

Otter Window Guard

Inspired by Pete Little’s pictures of otters in his garden.

Guinea Fowl Window Guard

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